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The Dangerously Fit 6 Week Challenge Starts February 2nd!

Dan ClayHi, it’s Dan here from Dangerously Fit.

If you’re totally happy with your dream body, then do not read this.

However, if you may be just a little off track with your health and fitness goals, I think this may be perfect for you!

But before you read on, please let me ask a few questions to see if you’re right for this program…

1. Are you truly satisfied with your body and your health?
2. Are you proud of your body when you go to the beach?
3. Are you happy with the reflection you see when you look in the mirror?
4. Do you get spontaneous compliments from friends, family and loved ones?

If you’re not totally satisfied with how you look and feel, it’s not the situation that’s the problem – it’s how you respond to the following two questions…

WHAT are you going to do about it?
WHEN will you finally get around to doing something about it?

You see, you only get one shot at life and one chance to take opportunities when they present themselves.

Your'e about to discover a brand new type of workout program, that's short, simple and helping people just like you FINALLY achieve the dream beach body you desire FASTER than you ever imagined possible. 

Week 1: The DF 6 Week Body Crew at Moore Park – Sydney
Week 1: The DF 6 Week Body Crew at Moore Park – Sydney

Getting in shape and staying that way isn’t rocket science… all it takes is a fitness program that’s fun and motivating, combined with a healthy diet and the support of like-minded people and bingo!

That’s why I created The Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Transformation Program…

This program is the environment responsible for creating arguably more success stories than any other fitness program in Sydney.

It’s 6 weeks of “no-nonsense” fat burning workouts combined with eating right and the accountability of like-minded people….

…And after it’s over, you’ll be in killer shape.

Transform Your Body and it’s FREE!

Here’s how it works… You lose heaps of unwanted body fat during the 6 week challenge and I’ll pay for it – Guaranteed!

Here’s How We Both Win…

You take part in the challenge and get killer results – I use your results to promote the next challenge and help more people reach their goals.

It’s a win-win… Which is why I’ll do everything possible to help you succeed and become another one of our success stories.

As You Can See from All the Success Stories This Program is Proven to Work Time and Time Again... for Real People... People Just Like You!

"“In 6 weeks I lost 16 kilos, 16% of my total bodyweight, 16cm round my chest, 16.5cm round my waist, 9.5cm round my hips and 9cm off my thighs”"

KillianI was pushing on 100 kilos, I was eating junk and going out a lot and I thought I’d have to buy new clothes or do something about that… So I decided to do the Dangerously Fit 6 Week body Challenge.

I’ve lost 16% of my body weight which is 16 kilos and I’m absolutely delighted!

I’ve lost 16cm round my chest, 16.5cm round my waist, 9.5cm round my hips and 18cm off my thighs, I couldn’t have asked for more.

I’ve had to go buy new clothes which is a really good felling, it’s great that people at work are noticing, I’ve got so much more energy and I’m feeling good about myself.

Killian Donnelly

"After following two 6-week challenges I lost 21kg’s, 20.5cm off my hips, 10.5cm off my chest, 9.5cm off my waist AND 10.5cm from around my thighs"

MaryI jumped into the 6 Week Body Transformation challenge – and to my surprise I actually won it, shedding 10.7kg over the 6 weeks, and claiming a year’s membership to top it off – no excuses now!

After a 2nd challenge I had lost a total of 21kg, 20.5cm off my hips, 10.5cm off my chest, 9.5cm off my waist AND 10.5cm from around my thighs.

I have so much more energy, and I’m always trying to find ways to be more active.

I hated running, and could barely run when I first started.

Now I’m actually contemplating joining fun runs in my spare time!

Mary Anne

"I lost a total of 11.1 kilos during the 6 week body transformation challenge"

StaffordI lost a total of 11.1 kilos during the 6 week body transformation challenge.

I lost over 12.5 cm round my waist which was where I carried most of my excess weight, and have rediscovered my 6 pack, as well as reducing fat and toning up everywhere else.

My fitness levels increased dramatically.

I couldn’t be happier, I look and feel the best I have for years, my diet has improved dramatically and I’ve finally kicked my soft drink habit.

I’m totally motivated to continue on with my fitness journey with Dangerously Fit.

Stafford Hamilton

“I have just finished the 6-week body challenge and I was amazed at the results. I managed to lose 6.7kg and 61.5cm in just 6-weeks!!”

Jackie-B4&AfterI had pretty low self esteem, none of my clothes seemed to fit me properly and I just didn’t have much energy. I thought I was eating healthy foods but I didn’t seem to be able to shift any of the extra weight I had put on.

I have just finished the 6 week body challenge and I was amazed at the results. I managed to lose 6.7kg and 61.5cm in just 6 weeks!! I was shocked in particular to lose 16cm of my waist, 10cm of my hips and 6.5cm of each thigh.

Apart from losing the weight, I feel like I have so much more energy, I am sleeping really well and I am starting to notice my muscles becoming more toned.

My clothes now fit again and most of them are actually too big – a great excuse to go shopping!

Jackie Tate

“In the 6 weeks I lost 14.5 Kilos which was 15% of my total bodyweight”

MikeBefore I started exercising I wasn’t able to run and do the training I wanted to do for triathlon and marathons.

I put on a lot of weight over the winter and I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and the way I felt…

So that’s why I did the Dangerously Fit 6-Week Body Challenge.

In the 6 weeks I lost 14.5 Kilos which was 15% of my total bodyweight so I’m really pleased.

Mike Whalley

“After losing 15kg...
I’m back to my previous weight & look even better because my body is toned.”


After moving to Sydney I signed up to a local gym. My attendance started to flag as I got bored with the repetition of the gym machines and a lack of results.

I was making bad food choices and slowly started to pile on the weight. After browsing the internet I found Dangerously Fit.

For the first few weeks everything hurt (in a good way!) but the pain eased off and I found that I missed the exercising when I skipped a workout!

After losing 15kg, I’m back to my previous weight and look even better because my body is toned.

Vicki Dorkins

“I have lost 22kg, over 16% body fat and 32.5cm round my waist”

mattI was never much of an exerciser and had tried dieting a couple of times but as soon as I stopped dieting I would pile the weight back on. I can honestly say that my lifestyle was on a steep downward curve when it came to health and fitness.

I was in a terrible state physically and lacked the self esteem and confidence a guy in his 20’s should have.

I then started the Dangerously Fit training program, 6 months on, I have lost 22kg, over 16% body fat and 32.5cm round my waist. While I am more than impressed with my new measurements, I am even more impressed in how they have helped change my attitude and lifestyle.

My self esteem and confidence has increased by leaps and bounds.

Matt Veto

“I have lost 22kg, over 16% body fat and 32.5cm round my waist”

AdrianaWhen I first started following the Dangerously Fit workouts I couldn’t do one sit up!

After 12 weeks training with Dangerously Fit I lost 26 kilos and went from a size 16 to a size 8.

I now run Ironman's, Marathons and recently completed the ‘Ultra Marathon North Face 50’…

a 50km race in extreme heat, high humidity and through mountainous terrain.

I can honestly say Dangerously Fit has changed my life!

Adriana Torres

“I lost 13 kilos…
My stomach has flattened so much I sometimes don’t recognise myself in the mirror!”


Some medical tests revealed an unusual rate of fat in my liver… It was a shock for me so I decided to turn my life around and do something about it.

That’s the main reason why I signed up but I also wanted to look good, be leaner, fitter and feel better about myself! Since joining Dangerously Fit my life has totally changed.

I have lost over 13 kilos in 10 months, have built some muscle and feel much more toned. My diet has changed, using Dan’s nutrition plans I now eat a lot healthier. My sleep has improved, and even my sex drive!

I feel a lot more confident which has helped me perform better at my work too. It has helped me to focus on my personal goals. I feel I have so much more energy, my stomach has flattened so much I sometimes don’t recognise myself in the mirror!

Arnold Michelin 


“In the last 5 weeks I have lost 5 kilos, which is the most amazing feeling.”


Taryn Haler


“I lost 14kg Kilos and 21cm round my waist, I’ve never been so lean”


Tony Gambuzo


“I lost 22 kilos & 23cm round my waist”


Franc Bifone


“I lost 8 kilos in 6-weeks, I feel ready for the bikini wearing season to start!”


Kate Roffe

Our Members Have Achieved Fantastic Results… And You Can Too!

Call 1300 557 735

Get Better Results than Personal Training at a Fraction of the Cost!

Here’s What You Get When You Register…

  • One week before the challenge begins you will be invited to attend our nutrition and exercise workshop so you have all the tools you need to start the challenge from day one.
  • Health assessment, body measurements and ‘before & after’ pictures on week 1 and week 6.
  • Unlimited access to all times and locations that run 6 days per week so you never have to worry about missing a workout.
  • A nutrition plan designed by one of Sydney’s leading nutritionists which will show you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it.
  • Online access and weekly coaching via email with your very own Body Transformation personal trainer to keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Online access to your very own Body Transformation nutritionist to answer all your questions.
  • Quick, Fun, high energy 45-minute workouts specifically crafted for maximum weight loss.
  • Access to our ‘Closed’ 6 Week Body group on Facebook, the support you’ll receive from other like-minded Dangerously Fit members is priceless!
  • A workout program you can do on the days you can’t make your fitness classes.
  • Special Saturday 6 Week Body Transformation Fat Burning Classes designed to supercharge your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning machine.

And the Winner Will Receive…

  • Dangerously Fit Boot Camp: 1 Year Membership VALUE $2364
  • Dangerously Fit Equip: Free fitness pack including a kettlebell, boxing gloves, quick wraps & speed rope VALUE $150
  • The Style Consultants: FREE personal styling makeover VALUE $150
  • Awaken: FREE Kinesiology, Aromatherapy or Hawaiian massage VALUE $120
  • Bondi Massage: FREE sports massage or reiki session VALUE $50
  • FREE Dangerously Fit t-shirt VALUE $45

Lose 10% of Your Bodyweight in 6 Weeks And You Won’t Pay a Cent!

Yes that right… if you successfully complete the Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge by losing 10% of your total bodyweight I’ll pick up your bill and you won’t pay a cent –Guaranteed!

“At the end of the 6-week challenge I had lost 7.4 kilos & a significant amount of cm’s”

erinI thought I was doing enough to maintain my weight but I was starting to notice I no longer had the body of a 20 year old and it would take more of an effort on my part to stay fit and healthy.

I stuck to my calorie intake and took onboard the advice I received from the Dangerously Fit trainers.

At the end of the 6 Week challenge I had lost 7.4kg and a significant amount of cm's. I have a flat stomach and toned arms for the first time EVER.

I’m not going to lie, you never get sick of hearing people tell you that you look good 😀 6 weeks of hard work is a small price to pay for making a huge change to the way you feel about yourself.

I feel fit and healthy and more confident.

Erin Gorinski

“I lost 23 kilos in 12 weeks and have bundles more energy!”

LiamI used to drink a lot and ate a lot of the wrong food and was a lot heavier than I am now.

I’ve lost 23 kilos in the last 12 weeks and have bundles more energy, I now do lot’s of different activities and embracing a whole bunch of new things I haven’t done before.

I feel great, my biggest problem is I now have to go and throw out all my old clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe of suits and shirts…

but it’s a great problem to have, I’ve dropped about 3 clothes sizes in the last 6 weeks which is great.

Liam Gilligan

But First I Must Warn You, I Do Not Accept Everyone Who Applies for this Program…

If you’re the type of person that procrastinates, would rather whine and complain about bad genes, likes to feel bad about themselves so they can get sympathy from friends, or refuses to take action and make a positive change for themselves then this 6 Week Body Transformation Program isn’t for you… it’s ONLY for action takers… PERIOD.

I’m putting my hard-earned reputation on the line and if I don’t think we’re compatible and can work together, or that you can’t follow the instructions for 6 weeks – then I can’t accept you into this program, numbers are strictly limited and we always fill up fast.

However… if you’re committed to having the kind of body you desire… and living the kind of life you KNOW deep down inside you deserve… then I’m willing to help you get there as QUICKLY as possible.

If this sounds like you… click the register button below to secure spot and get serious results!

Call 1300 557 735

The Dangerously Fit 6 Week Challenge Starts February 2nd!

“I’m the fittest and healthiest I have ever been
(and for the ladies out there – I have never looked better!!)”

PeitaAfter living 8 pretty packed years in London with the odd gym session here and there, I decided it was time to get fit!

With my motivation living in Sydney and by the beach (and no longer near the local pub!! )

I was determined to look and most of all feel better in my bikini by summer.

Within 4 weeks my energy levels were soaring, and feeling sore (but tighter and more toned) with every workout I continued on. Now training is as routine as ”brushing my teeth”. I feels sooo much better on the days I train.

Thanks for giving me a new lease on life Dangerously Fit…..I’m the fittest and healthiest I have ever been (and for the ladies out there – I have NEVER looked better!!)

Peita Gregory

“I lost 10.5 kilos during the 6-week body challenge”

MichaelBefore Dangerously Fit I was 105 kgs overweight, lazy and sluggish, and I knew I needed to get back fitness. I spent too much time eating crap food and drinking alcohol.

At 31 years of ages I think I’m fitter than I was when I was 18. I am now 15 Kg’s lighter (losing 10.5 kilos during the last 6 week challenge), and last Saturday I played 160 minutes of Rugby on top of a spartan training session and was still fitter than most of the people on the pitch!

I’ve also lost 6 cm’s around my legs, 11.5cm round my waist, 7.5cm on my chest and neck. And best of all my Girlfriend says I’m sexier than ever.

I will continue following the program… the benefits are I’m fitter, stronger have more energy, and I’m addicted to being fit and healthy.

Michael O’Leary

“In 6 Weeks I lost 5.5kg and 36cm's!”

michelleI really enjoyed your program, and I am certainly on my way to achieving a healthier, fitter body!

After two pregnancies (one caesarean) I found all of my former hard work had unfortunately dissipated and I was back to square one! Even a little behind.

We currently have a 2.5 and 1.5 year old, so life is a busy juggling act as you could imagine. However, I decided it was time to jump back on the horse, and get myself back into shape.

I'm turning forty this year in October, and I wanted to hit this milestone as fit, not frumpy.

The Dangerously Fit program has certainly been the catalyst I've been needing. Overall I lost a total of 36cm and 5.5kg.

Rome wasn't built in a day, plenty more to go but I am in a great mindset and routine to achieve even better results! Thank you for the opportunity to access your program.

Michelle Linham

happy on a scaleThere are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened.

Which one are you?

You’re a smart person and I’ll trust you’ll make the right decision.

Wishing you the best of health.
Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit
1300 363 559

P.S. – Remember, lose 10% of your bodyweight in 6 weeks and your transformation is on me!

P.P.S. – There are only so many people we can train at any one time, so this program is strictly limited to the first 150 people to register… and this program always fills up fast.

P.P.P.S. – Something for you to think about… 6 weeks from now, you will be one month older and maybe a couple of kilos heavier, OR… you can be 6 kilos lighter, feel great about yourself and have heaps more energy… It is up to you! Don’t put it off to another day… click here to register now.


“I lost 6cm round my hips, 5.5cm round my waist and 4cm round my thighs in 6-weeks!”


Christine Tarantos


“I lost 8 kilos during the Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Challenge”


Gareth Kelly

Dangerously Fit 6 Week Body Timetable

Get Unlimited Access To All Times and Locations

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You've Got Questions... We've Got Answers...

How Much does it cost? +

Existing Dangerously Fit Members on the Unlimted Sessions Package = Free

Non Members: $497 upfront for 6 weeks all together OR $99/ week for 6 weeks (please note this special offer cannot be combined with the $1 Two Week Trial or any other special offer).

Spots are limited, it will be first in first served…. To secure your spot today click here 

Do you offer student rates? +

Yes – just email the office a copy of your student card and we’ll hook you up with our student rates.

What if I don’t want to wait until the official start date? +

The 6 Week Body Challenge is free for all our existing members, your best option is to sign up for the $1 Two week Trial and start training now, then stay on board as a regular member on the 'Unlimited Sessions' package.

To register for the $1 Trial, the quickest and easiest way is to click on the link below and fill out the form…

Dangerously Fit Two Week Trial

Once you have registered, please email admin@dangerouslyfit.com.au to let us know you would like to participate to the 6 Week Challenge as an existing member.

If I’m extremely un-fit, can I still participate in your program? +

Of course, that’s why your coming to see us… everyone has to start somewhere and you’ll be amongst many other people in the same position as yourself.

It’s our job to get you in the best shape possible, as quickly and safely as possible. So you’ll be pushed outside of your comfort zone but never too far, our goal is to keep you motivated and injury free. 

Are you a military style fitness program? +

No – we don’t scream or shout at people, we’re here to coach and motivate you so you can achieve your goals in a fun environment. Our 45 minutes no-nonsense workouts are based around scientific research on what works in the real world. 

Where do I get my Health Assessment (Weighing and Measurements) done? +

One week before you will receive a spreadsheet with the available time slots, you will be able to add your name to the time that suits you best (subject to availability).

What should I be wearing on the Health Assessment Day? +

It’s best to wear some closely fitting training gear for the “Before” picture and wear the same clothes 6 weeks later for the “after” picture so we can checkout your amazing results.

The Health Assessment does not include any training. It includes Weigh ins, Measurements and “Before” Pictures.

We will be central to all our training locations so you can train beforehand and come and see us after your session to do your measurements.

How long does the Health Assessment go for? +

If everyone is on time, not more than 10min 😉

How many sessions can I attend each week? +

You can attend as many classes as you like that are listed on our timetables, when you register your name will added to our role call so our trainers will know your a Dangerously Fit member.

But try not to do too much too soon… especially if your’e a beginner.

Is the Saturday Fat Burning Class Compulsory? What if I can’t make it? +

It’s part of the program and it would be great if you could make it each Saturday to support your Team (you will be allocated a Team before we start the 1st Fat Burning Class)

However, we understand everyone has family and / or work commitments so you won’t be penalised if you miss a few. 

What time and how long does the Saturday Fat Burning Class go for? +

Different parks around the Eastern Suburbs (Queens Park, Centennial Park etc..) And there will be one class at the Cronulla Sand Dunes on Week 5.

Most classes are 8am.

What results can I expect to see? +

If you follow our nutrition plan (CAREFULLY) and attend at least 3 boot camp classes per week you can expect to lose 1kg-2kg of body fat every week.

Your muscles will be toned and stronger and you’ll see significant improvements in your fitness and energy levels.

My team and I will do everything we can to help you achieve your results, I want you to become a walking talking billboard!

Is it safe to participate if I have high blood pressure or an old injury? +

If you’re concerned with any type of health issue always consult your doctor before undertaking any type of fitness regimen.

Do I need to bring anything with me to class? +

Just bring a bottle of water, a towel and wear some light loose comfortable clothing and running shoes.

If it’s an early morning class, be sure to eat something (a half banana or an apple will be perfect)

Is there anywhere I can have a shower after class? +

Changing rooms and shower facilities depend on the location. Many of our members will use facilities at the beach, parks or their place of work.

Call 1300 557 735